Why Are Sticky Bonuses Unprofitable For The Player?

Before moving on to the topic of the story, it makes sense to go back to the origins and say a few words about how traditional bonuses 1bet2u gambling establishments. As a rule, traditional bonuses are the amount that a player receives for registration, account replenishment, constant use of the casino and, in general, any services to the gambling house.

So, these bonuses can be turned into real money after you have met all the wagering requirements. Most gambling establishments have a mandatory requirement – the size of the bets must exceed the bonus several times (tens of times).

Sticky bonuses are fundamentally different from the classic loyalty program. The player can use this money only to place bets and after all the requirements of the casino are met, the “sticky” bonuses, attention, will be debited from your account. You can only use your winnings.

Often, such bonuses are much larger than traditional ones – often hundreds of percent on a deposit. However, why is the casino so generous? In most cases, the client simply will not be able to meet the wagering requirements.

Such bonuses are designed, first of all, for beginners – players are in a hurry to get money into the account, without delving into the conditions of the gambling establishment at all. After “everything is already broken”, payments were denied, and weeks of the game went down the drain, the question arises – why is this? And the casino that took away the bonus is absolutely right.

The most effective and simple recommendation that can be given to a beginner gambler who wants to make money on a bonus in a casino is to carefully read the rules of a gambling establishment before accepting them. In general, do not forget to read what you sign (check the box). Often, gamblers try to fill out applications for the payment of money on a “sticky” bonus without waging it back completely, and then the casino will write off everything that has already been played and the entire bonus.

Yes, at the dawn of the development of gambling, bonuses were really beneficial to players, however, due to the dominance of bonus hunters, interesting promotions have become history and most of what casinos offer today is unprofitable marketing for the player. The appearance of a gambling establishment’s generosity is being created successfully, but do not follow the lead of marketers, because the same “sticky” bonuses are often not worth it.

What’s the bottom line?

The results will be very brief. Read the rules, ask questions to support agents, reread the rules and only then, after weighing everything, agree to play. Perhaps the same “sticky” bonus is so difficult to wager that it is a thankless event that is frankly not worth it? After all, not everyone can fulfill the requirements of the wager and spin $ 1000 on their account, having only 10 starting points, and even with restrictions on the size of the bet.


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