Types Of Hacker Attacks On Casino

 Almost all people feel the desire for easy money. Hardly anyone wants to strain their brain if you can get everything available and quickly. And, nevertheless, the casino victory996 is on guard for its customers.

It is almost impossible to raise statistics in order to calculate those who managed to break through the armor protection. Most likely, the data of those hackers who failed their mission will come across. Do you think they finished their business? No, they continue to break-ins and will continue to break them until they are detained by law enforcement agencies.

Can the protection system be broken?

Large corporations that value their name, respect their customers and value them, stand guard over the interests of both their institution and other participants in the process. They are ready to shell out large sums of money to establish protection that will save you from hacker attacks. Therefore, such sites are almost impossible to hack.

While some are trying to bite a large pie, others are content with a piece of this pie, i.e. hack individual players by guessing the password to his personal account. Criminal liability for the attempts made does not stop any offender, wherever he is. All countries legally protect the personal data of Internet users.

Hacking methods

What are the most popular methods used by cybercriminals to get easy money?

Yo-Yo Method

One of the oldest methods that have been developed to hack gaming terminals. The principle of hacking is similar to a game: a thread was tied to a coin. When a coin entered the terminal, the machine reads it and the game starts. The user pulled out a coin and continued to play.

This action could be repeated as many times as desired. The method is outdated today. Nobody uses it. And if something like this is found in a casino, employees only smile at the “childish pranks”. Because this method has not worked in modern machines for a long time.

Coin trimming

The coin was trimmed at the edges and launched into the terminal. The device read at the first stage as a valid coin, and at the second level – the coin was recognized as unusable and was thrown out of the terminal. Once upon a time this was a popular method, but it is no longer applicable to modern technology.


Of course, if there is a real coin, then, of course, you can think of it and clone it. As a rule, to reduce the cost of the process, a thinner and cheaper metal was used. This scheme of deception was quite working, but only until the time when land-based casinos took measures to eliminate it. Now it is not relevant and it will hardly be possible to use it.

String application

Do you love music the way scammers love it? It was they who began to use the technique of hacking machines with a guitar string. A wire or string with a folded end was placed in the terminal and rolled there until the folded end reached the jackpot button. Such a method, even compared to the double-bottom box, which was used by scammers in Las Vegas casinos until the end of the 70s.

Light stick

A small, backlit, battery operated Light Wand. It was placed in a coin dispensing tray. Possessing a luminous flux, the device blocked the terminal’s sensors, due to which the machine issued all the coins in it, regardless of the amount of the win.

Cheat code

This device was born thanks to Ronald Dale Harrison, a software engineer from Nevada. His invention worked against the accepted rule of programming chips in machines. He developed his own code that he could install on any slot of the machine. Because of this, it became possible to throw coins in a certain order, after which the hacker successfully took his winnings.


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