Malpractice Method in Casino – Ron Harris

Let’s think a little – what actions does the person taking the jackpot take? It is generally accepted that in the event of a breakdown of such serious money, a person expresses his pleasure and joy by all available means. But suspicion arises if the winner keeps emotions in check when winning.

In this article we will look at the keno fraud, and to be more precise, we will consider the story of 2 scammers who won over $ 100,000 at a time in this game.


The drama took place at the online casino malaysia gambling establishment Bally’s Park Place (Atlantic City), back in 1995. Reid Errol McNeill, one of the main characters, successfully plays keno. At the casino box office, he bought 10 tickets for $ 10 each. in each and guesses 8 numbers 8 in each!


By the way, if we turn to the theory of probability, the odds of such an event reach 230,000 to 1, which, by the standards of a casino, is not that much. Even jackpots in slot machines are won less often (the odds are much lower).

The security service was wary, first of all, for the reason that the player is very calm about his own winnings, giving the impression of a person who, in fact, did not doubt his victory. Added suspicion and the fact that the player did not have documents with him and received money at the box office in cash.

According to local legislation, casino payouts over $ 35,000 will be made after the members of the gaming commission verify the winnings and authorize the payout. The player agreed to wait in his hotel room, where he was arrested by the arriving police.

New face

Ronald Dale Harris, who was also in a hotel room, became an unexpected participant in the scam. Investigation has shown that Ron is a casino employee, computer technician from Nevada, Gambling Control Department. And this fact only increases the 12joker online casino‘s suspicions.

It is further revealed that Ron Harris, who is in a hotel room, has access to the source code of the RNG used in the electronic keno. He actively uses such information in order to obtain winning information and this is how he wins in 8 tickets.

The adventurers have been arrested and are being charged by New Jersey authorities with computer fraud and attempted fraud. Later, the seemingly protagonist Reid McNeill is released, agreeing to testify in court against Harris.

The latter is fired from his old job, and a check carried out by the police showed that this is not the first case of fraud and similar episodes have previously taken place in a Nevada casino.

The trial ended in 1997 – Ron Harris is sent to jail for 7 years, but leaves after 2 years and returns to Vegas. Harris’s name was included in the “black book” of Nevada casinos, and several major channels (History, Discovery and Bio) made documentaries about him.


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