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Martingale Is Not Always Right

 The essence of this strategy is that after losing, you need to bet twice as much. For example, you lost 10. Bet 20. In the hope of hitting your top ten. What’s happening. You break the bank and take your bet. Only it is divided into 10 previous ones and 10 – the winnings from the current game.

However, there is a limited line in the casino, after which the player will not be able to implement his plan. For example, this is 1000 units. Having reached this indicator, without having time to recapture all the lost money, the gambler remains in the overhead minus.

Don’t take casino strategies into account

More than a dozen of the highest minds are working on the creation of the gambling business, who are aimed at making the institution profitable and prosperous. Believing that you are stronger and smarter than the entire team of employees is a mistake. Such a judgment often leads to losses and unfulfilled desires of the player on the other side of the casino.

Let’s take chips for consideration. It is the currency that governs the game. And each casino has its own. In this case, you won’t be able to “throw off” chips in another casino.

If we take into account that the casino wins 10% of the time, then 10 bets out of a hundred will obviously be losing. Therefore, before you sit down at the gambling table, use simple mathematical calculations to understand what chances, even in theory, you will have of winning.

Playing at the speed of light

In this case, it is not important how fast the roulette spins or the drum rotates. And the speed and reaction of the player is important. Who, in a short period of time, must make a decision that is beneficial for himself. And his mistake can turn into a loss of money. We also remember about the rule of the gambling house, to keep the money.

For example, roulette, one of the slower types of games. The average decision-making value is 40. If you compare it with mini-baccarat, it is 5 times less. It turns out that the casino itself has a slight advantage in the second type of game. This does not mean that the player will have a better chance when playing mini. With a fast course of the game, the advantage may be in the house, even if its chance is negligible.